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New Maps Of Hell Press

'Unique and totally mesmerising, this is an album which proves difficult to turn off’

‘Taking obvious cues from Cat Stevens from start to finish Matthew Neel has successfully set himself apart from the crowd on this far-reaching debut album and has clearly worked hard to redeem the title of the singer/songwriter’
Bearded Magazine

‘Snappy lyricism and black heart.. a competent and assured debut that promises much for the future’

‘Equally diverse and hummable but always accompanied by an undercurrent of the Dark Side.. a confident debut by one to watch’
R2 Magazine

‘The guitar playing and vocals in particular are very powerful, resembling a slightly folkier Eric Clapton, the cryptic nature of the lyrics resemble Elliot Smith and the overall playful nature of the 'gypsy folk' music resemble Camper Van Beethoven. All in all, this is a very interesting sound that works extremely well with Matthew's songwriting abilities’

'An interesting voice; at times like a jaunty Phil Ochs.. some fine and pretty moments'
Bucketful of Brains

'Recalls Ray Davies's finest cynical hours.. a series of unflinching meditations on oblivion'
Acoustic Magazine

‘A sombre piece of art which is strangely alluring and mesmerising’